Enhance Privacy & Convenience with Liverton Gate Automation

Automated gate control system brings more convenient and effortless handling of steel heavy gates. Our gate control system will enable you to open and close the gates by receiving many kinds of inputs. For example you can configure the gate opening automatically when you approach the gate, by sensing your GPS location. The safety system protects the visitor from being jammed while closing of the gate. Remote control and push button control is provided for convenient operation. Gate can be operated even during the power shutdown hours. Italian made efficient gate motor is very durable and reliable.

Automated gates can serve as first check-point in home security and help protect your privacy as well. You will be able to remotely control the entry and exit of people from your property, with no unexpected or unwanted surprises at any time. We, at Liverton, are reputed gate automation technicians in Kerala.

Gates of any shape, size or height can be automated to suit your requirement. There is an added element of safety to keep your children and pets from wandering off on to the road unattended.

What’s more… the convenience of being able to configure your gate to remotely open and shut as you leave/approach home, especially during the rains, is incomparable. Or you could opt to use a remote control or a push button to operate the gate even during a power shutdown.

So, what’s the Liverton edge?

  • Variety of gate styles and sizes with convenient operating solutions
  • Choice of swing gates, sliding gates, barrier gates etc.
  • GPS sensor activation, remote control and push button control to operate gate
  • Gate automation experts to facilitate convenient operations during rains
  • Dedicated after-sales service to resolve any maintenance issues
  • automatic gate