Automated Roller Shutters Improve Security, Convenience & Aesthetics

Full-glass windows and sliding glass doors may look good, but ‘security’ cannot be compromised in the name of ‘convenience’ and ‘aesthetics’. Roller shutters are the obvious answer. They are deterrents to burglars, and also protect your glass doors and windows from breakage in the event of strong winds.

But despite knowing these advantages, you may still not consider installing a roller shutter because of the inconvenience of manually hauling up and pulling down these shutters on a daily basis.

That’s where Liverton Automation comes in. We automate your roller shutters, offering you the perfect solution for security, convenience and aesthetics. We are reputed automated roller shutter experts in Kerala with a wide service network to cater to all your requirements.

Step into the world of effortless living with Liverton, and let us enhance your security and save you the trouble of manually hauling your roller shutters, day in and day out.

So, what’s the Liverton edge?

  • Automation experts in Kerala for professional fabrication and automation of roller shutters
  • Customised solutions for homes, offices and retail spaces
  • Material options include perforated Galvanised Iron sheets, Poly Carbonate and Aluminium sheets
  • Open and shut the roller shutters with the click of a remote or the flick of a wall switch
  • Manual open option available if there is no power
  • Open or close from anywhere, if it is linked to the rest of the home automation system
  • Interior-friendly designs and colours; powder coated shutter options
  • Experienced team to accurately advise on choice of material used based on your requirement and budget
  • Dedicated after-sales service team to cater to any requirement
  • Roller shutter automation experts based in Cochin with a wide service network in Kerala

  • Don’t think twice; you’re in safe hands. Call us for a feasibility check…
  • We will organise a site-visit to assess requirements of your home, office or retail space
  • Based on your budget, we will customise installation solutions without compromising the security and convenience aspects
  • The Liverton team will chalk out a plan to install the same, based on your convenience
  • We also have a dedicated team to ensure your after-sales requirements are met in a timely manner

  • So give us a call or send us a message with your requirement and contact details and we will get back to you at the earliest.
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