Integrated Home Automation Solution

We provide comprehensive solution for your home automation needs. No matter whether your home is new or old, we have the right solution that you are looking for. We convert your conventional home to a smart, elegant home. A completely automated and connected smart home will have the features of convenience, secure, safe, energy saving and moreover the feel of luxury.

 home automation
Our comprehensive system includes below solutions
  • Smart lighting controls
  • Motorised curtain and blind control
  • Climate control
  • TV, AC control using mobile App
  • Mood lighting and scenes
  • RGB light scenes through mobile App
  • Coloured lighting effect for landscape
  • Multi room audio, video and home theatre solutions
  • IP camera surveillance
  • SIP video door phone and intercom
  • Motion dependant lighting control
  • Motorised gate control system
  • Automated landscape watering
  • Digital door locks
  • Door and window status sensing
  • Smoke detection and fire alarm
  • Motion and Temperature sensing
  • Weather monitoring
  • Energy monitoring and control
  • Amazon echo voice recognition
Features of the system:
  • Operate using iPhone, iPad, Android phone from inside the home through WiFi and from outside the home through internet
  • Fits in any new existing / new flat, bungalow, corporate office, hospitals etc.
  • Wireless Z-Wave technology
  • Made in Europe
  • Competitive pricing
  • Easy to operate
  • Control by voice instruction through Amazon Echo
  • Integrates more than 100+ 3rd party devices

Easy installation
  • Fits in any wall switch board
  • No additional wiring required
  • Uses existing wall switches and sockets
  • Easy, simple and fast installations