Smart Metal Detectors

Liverton Automation manufacutures metel detectors used in different industries.We offer excellent service and support to our customers before and after sale of our products. Our service engineers and technical team are well experienced and energetic who ensure that they are provided with all the necessary resources and guidance required in their pursuit in gaining knowledge and expertise. We constantly upgrade technologies, implement new ideas to improvise the perfomance and accuracy of our metal detectors. We strive to offer the best solution for your business at a honest price. We have well equipped manufacturing unit in Goa with a production capacity of 100 metal detectors per month.

WiFi IP Camera

Tablet Metal Detector

Any form of metallic impurities in medicines reduces the effects of medication...

Touch Switches

Conveyor Metal Detector

Designed and developed to fit in a comprehensive...

Magic Cube

Industrial Metal Detector

The applications of Industrial Metal Detectors in the modern stone crushing ...

wifi 2 IR

Gravity Feed Metal Detector

Detecting the presence of harmful foreign particles from high volume...

Samsung Digital Door Lock

Pipeline Metal Detector

Liverton Pipeline Metal Detector is a rugged and compact machine ...